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Radio Poder, which has a frequency between Woodburn and Corvallis, began broadcasting on Mexican Independence Day, September 16, but then realized that only farm workers were interested in the embassy. When a ballot measure to reverse local law enforcement's ban on working with immigration authorities goes on the ballot in 2018, listeners can turn to the radio to catch up on the latest developments. Radio Movimiento gives us a place to learn about immigration issues and listen to music, "said station manager Arturo Sarmienti. Latino workers work in different industries, and they are not all the same type of workers.

Laura previously worked at the Northwest Workers Project and is working at the interface between workers' rights and immigration. She is a champion of the rights of Oregon farm workers, as well as immigrants in the United States and abroad.

Enrique was also part of the team that applied to win Keizer City Council District 2 on a ballot. He has also been involved in campaigns and campaigns while working directly for No on 105 and Cover. His campaign was organized with Republican Representative Teresa Alonso, and he also has experience in advocacy, campaigning and voting without fuss.

Martha was working at the time - in Governor Kate Brown's office - as the Oregon Democratic Party's director of public policy and communications. Their passion is to ensure that Latinx have the opportunity to live their dreams and provide a level playing field for their community. Laura's passion drives her to destroy repressive institutions and to raise the voices of women and women of color. She is currently Director of Communications at PCUN, where she manages the organization's communications and content, as well as establishing its membership and support programs.

She manages data for PCUN and has also volunteered at Woodburn Community College, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. She is interested in running as an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Oregon's 5th Congressional District.

Sarmiento hosts a show called Hispanidades, in which she interviews Los Angeles-based band El Poder Radio Power while performing at Western Oregon University. The show will air on a community radio station that has a long history of programming a variety of progressive, progressive and progressive music - from hip-hop to folk, rock and jazz. Radio Poders Radio and Power is a low-power FM station based in Woodburn, Oregon, that went on air in 2006 when PCUN, Oregon's farm workers union, was looking for ways to communicate effectively with farm workers. Ron DeSantis, a Democrat who represents the Salem region, came to the radio station to talk to PC UNU Executive Director Reyna Lopez about legalizing undocumented farm workers.

In 2000, Martha and her family emigrated to Hood River, Oregon, where her parents currently work as farm workers. Beverly not only enjoys gardening with flowers and vegetables, but her father and brother also help out when they have to look after the cattle. Once the garden is ready for harvest, Beverly could be seen helping her mother quack the curds with harvested vegetables. Enrique was born into an immigrant family and was born in the United States, where he traveled through the United States on his way to Mexico. He lived in Woodburn until the end of his first year at school and then a year in Portland.

If Beverly was willing to learn guitar, she would become a guitar teacher at the music school. So the Wiltsey School of Music told her that there was no need for an accordion teacher, so she began teaching guitar at the very music school where she had taught accordion. So I taught her guitar for a year and a half and learned how to play guitar. And then I became a music teacher at the school for three years.

In 1958 she obtained her teacher's diploma at the Wiltsey School of Music, where she became an accordion teacher and taught accordions. She finished her education and gave up her lessons at Salem Music School in 1970 and began a new career in insurance, but continued to teach at her home in Donald, Oregon, as well as in Salem and Portland.

She then ended her insurance career in Woodburn, Oregon, and worked as an insurance agent for the Oregon Department of Insurance in Portland in the early 1990s, and then in Salem. She was 81 when she died at her home in Donald on June 30, 2015, aged 81.

She grew up in a small farming community in Donald, Oregon, and lived with her husband and children most of her life in Woodburn. She loved the Oregon Coast, which she visited frequently after her mother's death, but she also lived in Portland and Salem for several years.

Herrera-Lopez said the radio station would also be a source of information for emergencies such as an earthquake. If a bill comes in that allows undocumented immigrants to have a driver's license, the station is there for them, she said. I am grateful for the opportunity to be granted this, "said Ms. Zhang, who studied at the OSU, where she studied at the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Journalism and the School of Mass Communication.

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