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This is a great family-friendly event to kick off the festivities and celebrate Oregon and the nuts of the state. World-class female golfers will showcase their skills in a variety of styles and styles of golf, as well as enjoying good food and entertainment.

Come to pay tribute to the troops, watch some exciting games and then stay to enjoy the fireworks. I always wanted to go to the Skagit Tulip Festival in Washington, but when I lived in Oregon I didn't think Mount Hood would provide a better backdrop, so I kept my fingers crossed for a clear day. It's just beautiful in spring and if you're like me and can't get enough of flowers, then go here because it's a great place to visit. Those who have visited the Tulip Festival know that there are still a few other things you can come up with, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or Mt. Hood, which provides better scenery.

If you are at Tulip Farm, it is a good idea to go to Portland and stay in the city instead of driving to see the tulips, as you still have plenty of time to explore Portland. Why not make a weekend of it and visit the Oregon State Fair, Oregon Fall Festival and Portland State University Fall Fair?

But you might want to skip all that and spend your time there and just go for a day or two to Woodburn.

For more experiences on farms and fields see the website of the Oregon Farm Bureau, where you will find a list of other farms, fields and experiences.

The clog farm is a wonderful place to see the tulip fields in spring and is home to a variety of different tulip species as well as a number of other species. The vantage point on the headland is 800 feet above the Pacific Ocean and there are great ups and downs. It offers great views of the Oregon Coast, Oregon State Park and Bebe State Forest. The Wooden Sh Shoe Farm has been the site of some of Oregon's most popular hiking and biking tours in recent years.

Depending on where you are in Portland, it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn from the south. You shouldn't lean too far out of the window, but it's on the opposite side of the highway, so if you're trying to make a full-day trip out of it, you should stop there. It's a great time to shop, because Oregon is tax-free - at best, you can save more by not paying taxes on things like groceries, clothing and other items like clothing, shoes and accessories. The journey from this farm takes about 10-15 minutes and offers great views of Oregon State Park, the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean.

From here you can see Bird Island (also called Sheep Island), the largest island on the Oregon coast. You can take the path to a secluded cove near Simpson Beach and the park offers incredible views of the cliff.

The Clog and Tulip Festival is an easy place to visit on a day trip from PDX, and there's much more to do. In this post, you'll learn about the fantastic stops available to you when you're traveling to Portland for a weekend or a few days.

This popular state park outside Silverton hosts some of the best hiking, biking and walking trails in the entire state of Oregon. It offers a variety of hiking and cycling trails and many other outdoor activities, as well as great views of Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge.

There is a variety of activities for the whole family, such as hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, camping, kayaking, fishing and much more.

For a unique craft beer experience, head to the Woodburn Beer Festival, an annual event with over 1,000 craft beers on tap. If you love wine, you can also visit one of the many wine tasting rooms in the city, such as the wine and beer hall. The Wooden Shoe and Tulip Festival offers a variety of activities: you and your children can watch clogs being made, or you can browse the offerings of various vendors, stroll through the craft market and buy handmade handicrafts. The general entrance fee includes the admission to the tram ride and the hay cart, a photo cutting board and a souvenir bag.

There are a number of activities that cost extra, so make sure you factor that into your budget before deciding what you want to do. We recommend purchasing a season ticket, but there are many other possibilities, such as the Clog and Tulip Festival. If you are not planning a visit this year because it has already closed for the year, you should check out their Facebook page for information on their plans.

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